World’s first rollable chess board comes with smart AI capabilities

The game of chess has captured imagination of every generation – be it young or old. This strategy game has to be one that everyone out there has played at some point in time, making it a household name in the real as well as virtual world.

When it came into being first time in the 7th century, the game was played with simple set pieces. But over the centuries creative minds found a way to give new refreshing twists to the game elements – the game board and the movable pieces. That nostalgia associated with chess never seems to seize and this new form keeps the excitement going.

AI-enabled Rollable chess set

While there have been countless forms the good old chess set has taken, this one is practical as well as intriguing. Coming from the house of Square-off, the makers of chess board with self-moving pieces, this rollable chess set revealed at the ongoing CES 2021, has a unique USP of its own.

Although it sacrifices the self-movable pieces technology since it is not feasible to implement it in a rollable form factor, it stills regains the AI function that lets you play with remote players anywhere on the planet.  

Stack in your backpack, play anywhere you desire

While you can’t just fit standard-sized chess set in your backpack for a game or two at your buddy’s apartment, the Square Off rollable chess set can boast that laurel. Simply roll it up, put the pieces inside a pouch, and put it inside your bag. Then when it’s time for play, you are all set to check-mate your opponent.

The rollable chess board makes complete sense for people who are hooked to this epic board game that can go on for hours, or even days at end. So, if you are stuck at home courtesy of the current pandemic or simply want to find some peace on top of the mountain, the game of chess is just at arm’s length.