Yohann iPhone + Apple Watch charging dock handcrafted to perfection

Mobile devices and accessories these days have become an essential part of daily life, virtually making you skip a beat when they are not around. If you own an iPhone, Apple Watch or the AirPods, then it makes even more sense to invest in a charging pod that provides more than just its inherent function.

So how about owning a charging pod that’s simple yet smartly designed to be good enough to brag about it when it’s sitting there doing nothing? Such is the aesthetic appeal of the Yohann iPhone Charging Stand.

Multifunctional stand for Apple products

Meticulously handcrafted from a single piece of walnut wood/Oakwood (depending on the one you choose) the charging dock can juice up your iPhone (right from iPhone 5 to the iPhone 12 series), Airpods/Airpods Pro case, and the Apple Watch.

The extra real estate on this dock can be used to keep accessories like USB dongles, Airpods, jewelry, keys or anything else that’s small enough to fit. Something that you need easy access to without worrying where you actually lost them in sea of things that you own.

Charge iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously

The convenience of charging your iPhone/Airpods and the Apple Watch simultaneously is the USP of this docking station that hides the wires of both devices meticulously. You can dock your Phone vertically in style while never missing a notification or having the fear of it toppling over. The waist of the stand functions as Apple Watch docking spot in landscape orientation. 

Basel, Switzerland-based Yohann has carefully designed every single element of this docking station for Apple products – ideal for your desk, bedroom side table, or living room coffee table. Yohann iPhone and Apple Watch charging stand can be pre-ordered right away for a cool $149 price tag; shipping is expected to begin on February 2. There is another version for $109 that misses out on the Apple Watch charging space, in case you don’t own that Apple accessory this can be a good bet too.