Yuta Hosokawa’s upcycled chair crafted from plastic bottle caps

Japanese designer Yuta Hosokawa has a long affinity with recycling second-hand garments and other materials into useful things. His brand ‘Readymade’ is a proof of his creativity and the urban designs he embarks on.

This time around, Yuta has decided to craft a chair from an unlikely material which is not good for the planet. Yes, we are talking about the plastic bottle caps which end up in the oceans, contributing to plastic pollution.

Upcycled design for a distinct appeal

Satiating his urge to create something radical for the furniture design industry, the Japanese designer collaborated with Futura Laboratories to craft this interesting chair design. The chair draws inspiration from the Pierre Jeanneret Chandigarh chair which has similar body dimensions. Of course the outer skin is different and that makes this upcycled chair distinct.     

Yuta used Binchotan charcoal to melt the plastic bottle caps to form uniform material to shape the vivid chair. The use of this technique is vital since it reduces the toxic fumes from the melting process.

Colorful palette of the chair

There are random vivid contoured patterns on the chair that emulate the sawblade motifs by Futura. The brand’s presence is also apparent in the handstyle positioned on the side. The use of rattan for the backrest and the seating area gives a contrasting look to the design.

Both Readymade and Futura sold the chair at NTWRK’s Transfer festival for a good cause. All the earnings were donated to the charity ‘Doctors Without Borders’. For now, this is a one-off design and it’s not yet known if it will be remade again or not.