Zenith Revives a One-Off Prototype from the 70s

Off late I have come to strongly believe in the phrase “right thing wrong time”. The more you introspect, it holds true for so many things in all of our lives. This also holds true in particular for the Zenith El Primero Prototype which made its only appearance back in the 1970s.

Nicknamed the “Ghost” this one-off prototype is the classic example of “right place wrong time”. It was simply too ahead of its time. That being said, now in 2020, the time is perfect for this age-old masterpiece to have its second coming.

Modern Watch with Retro Roots

Being reborn with a different nickname, “Shadow” (I think the name is apt since the design very much shadows the “Ghost”), this chronograph is set to hit the markets very soon. The “Shadow” features the signature bead-blasted titanium A384 case giving it the classic matte finish we have come to love.

The “Shadow” may be a modern iteration but its roots are very much retro. The most obvious thing about this watch that is retro, is its dimensions. The sapphire crystal covered case is 37mm across, and that means the watch looks right at home on almost any wrist.

Movement and Pricing

Apart from the design, everything else movement wise is nothing short of cutting edge. The chronograph features an El Primero 4061 Automatic column-wheel movement. This comes with an impressive 50-hour power reserve and a beating frequency of 5Hz.

The case is paired beautifully with a black Cordura style strap. Additionally, this comes with white stitching and a special micro blasted titanium pin buckle. The timepiece will possibly have limited edition iterations in addition to the variant Zenith has currently announced. The “Shadow” will retail at $8,200.