Zens Modular Wireless Charging System includes extensions to power four devices together

It’s pretty easy to get bored of the same wireless charging solutions for our gadgets. While more and more wirelessly charged gadgets add to a man’s collection – so does the requirement for more charging solutions.

For iPhone and even Samsung device owners, who want to skid past the rudimentary chargers – Zens has introduced its Modular series. The charging solutions in the series are made from recycled plastics. You can choose the main charger from a range of three designs and then simply add more extensions to it to make one multi-charger to your liking and requirement.

The modular take

The new Zens Modular charging station comprises two parts – the main station and extensions. The main station is the primary hub that connects to the power socket – these are available in three options. The first is Modular Dual Wireless Charger that is designed to charge two gadgets simultaneously at up to 15W each. The second its Modular Stand Wireless Charger again with 15W charging ability with only difference that this charges the device in upright form fact. Finally there is the Modular Single Wireless Charger, which also charges at up to 15W.

All the three primary hubs of the Zens Modular series are rated for Apple’s 7.5W charging. Interestingly, these also support Samsung Fast Charging. Up until now, the charging system is relatively just like the normal options in the mainstream. It’s the available extension to the Modular hub where things get interesting. These attachments – used to extend the charging pad for more devices includes Modular Single Wireless Charger Extension offering 10W charging and a special Apple Watch module to power – yeah you guess the device right!

More details

These extensions attach magnetically to the main hub and allow you to charge additional devices – Apple Watch for instance alongside the iPhone and EarPods. A total of up to four gadgets can be charged simultaneously. One exception here is that the extensions can only work with one of the three main stations.

The Zens Modular series comprising primary hubs and extensions is available for purchase right away. If you’re interested in building your wireless charging fortress, this is going to be a good beginning – head right over to Zens’ website to grab your accessory.