2020 Bentley Flying Spur: look inside Bentley’s most complex interior ever

Without a doubt, the 2020 Bentley Flying Spur is the fastest and most luxurious sedan in the world. Most recently, Bentley went into detail about the Flying Spur’s lavish interior. According to the British carmaker, the new Flying Spur has the most complex interior ever, and it’s truly a marvel to behold.

The Flying Spur is our favorite Bentley model around the office, and most of it has something to do with the vehicle’s hand-bitingly opulent cabin. “I think Bentley is at the top of the game when it comes to car interiors right now, at least from a craftsmanship perspective,” said Executive Editor Chris Davies after driving the new Flying Spur around the streets of Monte Carlo.

The entire cabin was stitched together using over three kilometers of thread

That’s 1.8-miles of thread, which is a lot for a car interior, to be honest. The craftsmen at Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe use five different types of sewing machines to apply different thicknesses of thread. For instance, the stitching around the steering wheel is thinner while the seats have larger stitches for maximum durability and visual impact.

Additionally, the four seats in a 2020 Bentley Flying Spur takes 12 hours to assemble by hand. Meanwhile, the embroidered Bentley wings on each seat headrest requires 5,103 individual stitches.

The new Bentley Flying Spur has the world’s first 3D textured leather upholstery

Earlier last year, Bentley released a few images on the Flying Spur’s unique (and frankly awe-inspiring) 3D-textured leather upholstery. Inspired by the Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 concept, the cabin is draped in three-dimensional diamond-quilted leather door inserts, the first for a production car.

In fact, Bentley is offering up to 14 hide colors and 23 different colors of contrasting thread in the new Flying Spur. You can also choose from a bewildering array of veneers along with a dual-veneer option for the door sidings and dashboard, providing a nice contrast to those awesome 3D textures.

Only the best and nothing less

Apparently, learning how to use a needle and thread is not enough in becoming a Bentley artisan. Each craftsman is required to complete a five-month training course under Bentley’s Master Trainers. The process takes skill and a vast array of techniques to complete and is one of the reasons why Bentley interiors are among the best and most luxurious in the world.

However, the new Bentley Flying Spur’s interior is not only luxurious but sustainable and Earth-conscious as well. All of Bentley’s leather hides are sustainably sourced from North European bulls as complete byproducts of the meat industry – no bulls we harmed for the sake of leather alone.

Presenting the most luxurious steering wheel in a Bentley

Believe it or not, Bentley’s are meant to be driven by the owner and not entirely by a chauffeur. Bentley knows this fully well and is the reason for producing the world’s most luxurious steering wheel in the new Flying Spur. According to Bentley, the Flying Spur’s steering wheel is home to some of the most elaborate leatherwork and hand-stitching found anywhere in the auto industry.

The cross-stitched tiller requires five meters of thread passed through 352 sew holes to produce 168 distinctive cross-stitches. All of this takes three and a half hours to complete by hand using a pair of bespoke needles. Apparently, the entire process is too difficult to replicate by machine.

The Flying Spur is powered by a massive 6.0-liter W12 turbocharged motor with 626-horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque. From an enthusiast’s standpoint, the 2020 Bentley Flying Spur is worth every penny of its $224,500 starting price.