2020 Porsche Taycan: The Top 4 Things We Love and the One Thing We Don’t

After years of waiting and months of endless teasing, the 2020 Porsche Taycan is finally here. And as befitting of the German carmaker’s first-ever electric vehicle, Porsche debuted the Taycan simultaneously across three continents. The Taycan is not simply a new Porsche model. In fact, it heralds the future direction of the brand.

But it’s far from perfect. Here are the top four things we love and the one thing we don’t in Porsche’s newest Taycan EV.

We love the Taycan’s styling

Okay, alright. We know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and how it looks is entirely subjective at this point. But the Taycan is the type of car that looks better in the flesh. Pictures alone won’t do it justice. It closely resembles the Mission E concept car, but it also borrows styling cues from the Panamera.

But then again, the Taycan is lower and shorter than the Panamera, so there’s a proper hint of 911-like aggressiveness in the overall vibe. Oh, and one more thing: the Taycan doesn’t look like an EV, especially when the Taycan Turbo or Taycan Turbo S badges are staring at you from the rear of the vehicle.

We also love the interior

If you love touchscreens like most people, the Porsche Taycan’s interior is a sight to behold. You can have up to five touchscreen displays in the cabin, and this includes the optional screens for the front and rear passengers. And since the Taycan is still a Porsche, it has the iconic Porsche dials in the 16.8-inch curved digital instrument display.

The steering wheel is lifted directly from the 911 sports car and you also sit low in the surprisingly roomy and airy cabin. From the seating position alone, Porsche is blatantly saying you’re not piloting or sitting inside an ordinary EV.

Porsche is also offering nine choices of upholstery in the new Taycan. Genuine leather and Race-Tex leather-free upholstery are available, and you can choose a two-tone interior layout if that’s your thing. The most expensive option is Olea Club Leather trim in brown, black, or two-tone finish for an additional $2,450.

We love the consistent power delivery

You probably heard how the Taycan is capable of surging from 0 to 200 mph repeatedly without feeling a significant loss in power, even if the battery is depleted below 50-percent. This has something to do with the 800-volt electrical architecture, which is almost twice the norm in conventional EVs. The system supports DC fast-charging up to 270 kW to replenish the batteries from 0 to 80-percent in 23 minutes. You can achieve a full charge in 6-8 hours using an 11kW home charging system.

But apart from ultra-fast charging capabilities, the 800-volt system also means less current is required to operate the electric motors, which also means less heat is generated by the drive components. Good thermal management allows the Taycan to repeatedly accelerate to ridiculous speeds without overheating the batteries and drive system.

We love the two-speed automatic transmission

The 2020 Porsche Taycan is the first EV to come with a two-speed transmission. The unit is mounted on the rear axle and is designed to improve acceleration while also increasing efficiency at higher speeds. In normal driving, the Taycan runs in second gear using power from the electric motor driving the front wheels.

But in Sport or Sport Plus mode, the system shifts to first gear and all-wheel-drive to offer quicker acceleration. First gear is engaged up to 50 mph and shifts automatically to second gear as you approach triple-digit speeds. If there’s a thing to consider when choosing a Tesla Model S over the Taycan, this two-speed transmission is a defining factor.

But we don’t love the pricing

Porsche is offering the Taycan in two trim models: Turbo and Turbo S. The Taycan Turbo starts at $153,310 and produces 670-horsepower for 237-280 miles of range.

Meanwhile, the Turbo S starts at $187,610 and generates 750-horsepower with a range of 241-256 miles. Both models come with a dual-motor setup and 93.4 kWh battery pack.

But after playing around with optional extras like rear-axle steering, ceramic brakes, larger wheels, and Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport with active roll stabilization, the price can easily reach $220,00 upwards.  

The 2020 Porsche Taycan is a marvelous EV. The pricing is controversial, to say the least. But if you can afford it, the Taycan is probably the most innovative, sporty, and relatively practical electric vehicle you can buy today.