2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 Coupe arrives next year with 429-HP

The 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 Coupe is arriving on American shores in 2020. The newest member of the AMG family is boasting more power, refreshed styling, and a host of mechanical improvements. However, we’re not sure why Mercedes-Benz still refuses to offer the regular GLE in North America. But then again, getting the AMG model before the base car is no hardship for die-hard AMG enthusiasts.

The new Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 Coupe looks pretty much like the regular GLE

If you’re familiar with Mercedes-Benz’s bewildering lineup, you’ll agree the 2021 AMG GLE 53 Coupe is no different from the 2020 GLE. The AMG version has the same lower bumper, hood, headlights, and taillights as the regular GLE. But that’s where the similarities end.

For the Coupe version, Mercedes reduced the GLE’s wheelbase by 2.4-inches. This gave the car sportier and more aggressive proportions while also improving athleticism on the road. The new GLE 53 Coupe still has a bulbous and poky rear end, but everything is cleaner and easier on the eyes. The standard 21-inch wheels fit the wheel arches quite well, but optional 22-inch alloys are available upon request.

But there’s no mistaking it’s an AMG model

Proof of this is the dominant and gaping Panamericana grille, which is standard equipment on all modern AMG models. You’ll also find quad exhausts and a subtle rear spoiler to smoothen the airflow while AMG-specific side skirts add a race-ready vibe. The new GLE 53 Coupe also sits half an inch lower to the ground than a regular GLE, but the standard AMG Ride Control air suspension ensures a smooth and well-controlled ride despite the lowered stance.

The air suspension is accompanied by electromechanical actuators on both axles. This active roll stabilization feature significantly reduces body roll while improving ride comfort. The air suspension is configurable in three different driving modes while the pneumatic level control system raises or lowers the vehicle by 2.2-inches and 0.6-inch, respectively.

AMG means power and lots of it

The outgoing Mercedes-AMG GLE 43 and AMG GLE 63 S are pretty quick for what is supposed to be a practical SUV. But Mercedes-AMG is serving up a storm in the 2021 AMG GLE 53 Coupe. Opening the hood reveals the same motor you’ll find in the GLE 53 SUV. This means a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six producing 429-horsepower and 384 pound-feet of torque. The motor is connected to an AMG-TCT nine-speed automatic and standard 4MATIC all-wheel-drive.

When combined with the optional AMG performance exhaust, we can only imagine the sound to be ungodly as the motor sings at full chat.

The 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 Coupe is a mild hybrid

The AMG GLE 53 Coupe is a mild hybrid courtesy of the standard EQ Boost starter generator. It powers the onboard electricals in the vehicle while providing more oomph. In fact, the starter generator provides 21 more horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. This allows the new GLE 53 Coupe to rush from 0 to 60 mph in 5.2-seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph.

It debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show

The 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 Coupe will debut as a 2020 model at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year. Pricing and other vital performance specs are yet to be revealed, but we know the AMG GLE 53 Coupe arrives at U.S. dealerships in mid-2020.

While the new AMG GLE 53 Coupe trumps the outgoing GLE 43 in terms of performance, the new car is not enough to outrun the outgoing AMG GLE 63 S. We suspect Mercedes-AMG is prepping up the AMG 63 version of the GLE Coupe with a more raucous turbocharged V8, but let’s try not to get ahead of ourselves.