ARES designs carbon fiber e-bike that weighs under 20 pounds

ARES has already tipped the scale of bespoke, limited edition vehicles into an unparalleled dimension and now it plans to do the same with e-bikes. In an effort to make some heads turn on the road, the brand has just introduced ARES Super Leggera by HPS.

The Luxury coachbuilder ARES has collaborated with High Performance Systems (HPS), which holds the record from the lightest e-bike propulsion system, to develop this new ultra-lightweight e-bike.  

The most unique bike

Italian company ARES is renowned for its unmatched craftsmanship and cutting-edge design, which is again visible in this top-class carbon fiber e-bike. The highlight of the ARES Super Leggera by HPS is that it weighs only 9kg (19.8 pounds), which makes it the world’s lightest e-bike ever, the company claims.

Over the years, people are adopting cycling as a mode of transportation to work, school, gym and other lifestyle activities. This has really pushed the sales of e-bikes (which is more convenient way of cycling) to new highs. And since the heart of an e-bike lies in the motor, the brilliantly designed ARES Super Leggera doesn’t fall behind in this department as well.

Power and aesthetics

The bike is powered by a revolutionary electric motor that is manufactured with inspiration from Formula 1 and aerospace technology to achieve the lightweight and absolutely striking form factor. The compactness of the bike is well maintained by a specially engineered battery, electronics and motor, which fit snugly into the carbon frame. 

ARES has not detailed the specifics or the range of the e-bike, but we learn that it will be a super-exclusive offering. Reportedly, only 24 units of the Super Leggera will be made available, which will retail for about $22,000 per piece.