25th anniversary G-Shock MR-G Hana-Basara is inspired by Samurai armor

Marrying state of the art technology with craftsmanship to honor the greatest warriors of Japanese descent; watchmaker Casio has released a premium G-Shock inspired gracefully by the Samurai Commander Armor.

Samurai and the armor they wore to battles has been a great part of the pop culture and this timepiece rendition is by far the best way a watch enthusiast with Samurai instinct can celebrate their fandom.

The solid approach

The limited edition G-Shock is designed to mark the 25th anniversary of the G-Shock MR-G collection. Dubbed the MR-G B2000BS-3A Hana-Basara, this watch was created using the design motif of a one-of-a-kind MR-G Hana-Basara armor – influenced by the Basara commander spirit specially commissioned by Casio to arrive at this trailblazing timepiece.

Basara was a term used in respect for the Samurai commanders and is now part of the name of a G-Shock MR-G, which features an extremely hard Cobarion bezel and bracelet made from DAT55G titanium alloy. The cut and polished cobarion bezel is finished by master gem cutter Kazuhito Komatsu, and it is considered four times harder than titanium yet offers a distinctive aesthetic to the watch.

Stylish and durable

The bezel of the G-Shock MR-G B2000BS-3A Hana-Basara is reimagined in traditional Japanese hue kurogane-iro (”iron colour“). The bracelet on the other hand is reproduced in dark green DLC finish. The deep shade of green used, is actually an outcome of heating iron, and matches the color of the helmet and armor of the Basara commanders.

This limited edition G-Shock dial incorporates a “kusari katabira chainmail-inspired woven pattern and mirror-finished components.” Employing Hana-Basara armor’s deep green, red, gold, and black hues, the watch dial is creative, instantly colorful and attractive.

In addition to the said facets, the watch is backed by the G-Shock’s guarantee of durability and it has some of the most exciting features on a G-Shock. This includes scratch resistance, solar power and smartphone compatibility. The MR-G B2000BS-3A Hana-Basara is strictly limited to only 400 examples, has a plate engraved with “25th LIMITED” on the caseback, and costs $8,000 a piece.