3D Printed Plexus Ping Pong Table​ uses terrain pics from Google Earth

Typically, a ping pong table is crafted from wood and when you think of it, even the world’s most expensive table from high-end game table company 11 Ravens crafts theirs from teak with marine finishes.

The company prides themselves on handcrafted tables built from sustainable wood and featuring a playing surface that comes coated with proprietary anti-scratch and damage materials. Retailing between $26,000 and $48,000, these tables are super expensive.

So you can imagine my quandary when I came across the 3D Printed Plexus Ping Pong Table, which is inspired by mountain terrain. I’m not sure if its the perfect sports table or the most artistic regular table. I can’r even predict what it’s pricing will be – it is available upon request!

Solid Steel and 3D Printed

Going against the grain of what ping pong tables are usually built with, Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris has used a solid steel 3D printed structure. The next question on my mind is, how will these exclusive Tiffany and Co. table tennis paddles from the brand’s Everyday Objects collection, work with the setup.  

Coming back to the table, it has been inspired by mountains and the end result looks like The Rockies (or a similar mountain range) inverted to a good measure. Basically, the mountain shape wire base and net is a solid steel 3D printed structure that gives stability to the whole table. According to Mousarris, the table is capable of withstanding your strongest ping pong shots. 

Twenty-five Limited Edition Tables

When you tire of playing the game, simply transform the ping pong table into a normal table. All you need to do is, detach the wire print structure serving as the net, and use the table top for dinner service, perhaps.

Crafted as 274 cm x 152 x 76 cm, this minimal table gives you enough table top surface for you and your guests. The walnut table top surface complements the steel print structure, perfectly.

Limited to only twenty-five tables, the pricing is available upon request.