Light Soy glass lamps raise awareness about plastic waste problem

Ever wondered where those fish-shaped plastic containers of soy sauce end up after you consume your sushi with ginger and wasabi? More often than not in the landfill, which contributes to the ever-increasing problem of plastic pollution.

These cute soy sauce packets come in all shapes and sizes and inspired by their look, a scaled-up version is born. Whenever the Sydney-based Heliograf designers Jeffrey Simpson and Angus Ware ate sushi, they pondered over the fate of fish soy sauce packets which would eventually affect marine life. Since they both were brought up near the coast, this thought always lurked in their conscious.

Birth of light soy glass lamp

This conceived the idea of Light Soy glass lamp which highlights the importance of responsibly disposing of single-use plastic. In a way, it’s a design-led solution to the menace of plastic pollution.

Angus Ware described this idea, “By taking a piece of rubbish, and dramatically scaling it up, we want to show that small things matter, and we need to make big changes to how we design everyday items.”

Scaling up of these durable lamps is done with recyclable materials including borosilicate glass and powder-coated aluminium. Even the packaging is made from cardboard and biodegradable sugarcane pulp (bagasse) instead of the polystyrene or plastic material.

Jeffrey Simpson added by saying; “It has taken over three years to produce, including two years spent perfecting the glass-blowing technique and developing the right surface finish.”

Available in two types

This smart lamp is available in two different options – a USB-C rechargeable table lamp or power connected pendant lamp. Both designs have 5W 3000K dimmable LED light built-in which is perfect for your bedroom. To add to the goodness, the lamps come with powder-coated aluminium accessories.   

The table lamp version features a 2400mAh lithium-ion battery which offers 5 hours of runtime at full power and 10 hours of lighting when used at half the power. The charge time for this lamp is 3 hours, so one can juice it up during the day time.