A psychedelic immersive exhibition to open in Denver on Sept. 17

Any opportunity to enjoy visual arts is a pleasurable experience. As immersive exhibitions are all the rage in America right now, Colorado’s capital Denver is also opening up a new sci-fi interactive installation titled “Convergence Station” that will transport you to the other worlds.

Opening on September 17, this psychedelic artistic immersion will allow you to explore art through your senses. Created by award-winning Santa Fe-based arts and entertainment company Meow Wolf, “Convergence Station” is the company’s most ambitious project till now.

“Convergence Station”

This grand exhibit will feature 79 interactive shows sprawled across four stories, showcasing works of over 300 artists that were created over the course of past three years. It offers an immersive set of kaleidoscopic cathedrals, Corinthian catacombs, alien surroundings and ethereal cityscapes.

Chadney Everett, senior creative director of Meow Wolf Denver, said that this show presents a parallel world with thrill and mystery. Visitors will be provided with multimedia clues for aid them on this mind-boggling journey of interplanetary exploration.

Multisensory Display

Everett said, “The narrative of ‘Convergence Station’ is of four disparate, alien worlds mysteriously converged together by a rare cosmic event, and having to create a new life together. Some of them are happy to have found this new community, while others long to go back to their homes.”

This large-scale multisensory installation was created by various muralists, sculptors, fiber artists and technologists to craft four alien worlds that are joined together to create a rare interstellar experience. The tickets for the exhibition are now available for pre-purchase and visitors must pre-book a time slot for entrance to this immersive experience.