Air New Zealand planning on Skynest cabin for coach passengers

Traveling these days may not be ideal due to the health scare and virus outbreak but that shouldn’t stop companies and airlines from thinking of ways on how to improve their products and services. Time will come when things will go back to normal. People will be more free to jet set without having to worry about getting sick.

Air New Zealand was recently in the news for launching non-stop flights between Auckland and New York. No such flight has been made yet but booking will start soon for the October 2020 flight.

From Skycouch to Economy Skynest

It’s not just popular for its flights but for some of the airline’s innovative seat designs. For those who have flown Air New Zealand, you may have tried the ‘Skycouch’. The seat allows those in coach to stretch out and even cuddle on long-haul flights. That sounds too good to be true but it’s for real.

The next kind of seat design that may impress the travelers is a lie-flat seat for those placed in the back of the airplane. Called as the ‘Economy Skynest’, this new offering is a lie-flat bunk that will benefit those in coach. You see, Air New Zealand doesn’t just think about those in the First or Business Class, it also thinks about passengers in the economy class.

This effort for a new cabin section came about after a survey from passengers combined with research and development. To make things more comfortable, the Economy Skynest consists or a mini sleeper cabin with a narrow aisle. Three bunks are found on each side. There are two top beds on both sides. We’re not sure about the size of the beds and the coach cabin itself.

Skynest: The Future of Long-haul Flights

It’s a different section that passengers have to book. You can’t just go there to lie flat and rest or sleep. If you’ve booked the Skynet, expect a pillow, blanket, sheets, privacy curtains, and earplugs. Sleep to your heart’s content the whole flight granted that you can easily fall asleep with the lighting condition or even with any noise available inside the plane.

This is just a concept. Sorry, but you can’t book just yet. The idea certainly has potential and we don’t see any reason why Air New Zealand would not want to add this option to the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. The airline will still have to make deliberations after the Auckland-Newark flight launching in October.