Acumobility Back Roller strengthens back muscles, improves posture

Modern day lifestyle and habits take a toll on the overall body fitness levels, in particular the back muscles. Sitting all day long in front of the screen and poor posture contribute to the stiffness of the spine.

This can affect the overall body health as straining of back muscles can lead to headaches, restlessness and pain. Even people who are active all day long can develop spine and back issues due to weightlifting or standing for most part of the day.

To get over this uncomforting situation you need a good back massage that relaxes the muscles. This results in complete flexibility and improved posture which boosts overall health.

Acumobility Back Roller Deep Tissue Massager

Ergonomically designed to relieve pain associated with the back and spine, the accessory has protruding domes dubbed as the Therupatic Bump Pattern. It massages the core of muscle tissues for ultimate relaxation.

The design makes sure you flex the muscles fully for maximum extension which aids in body toning as well. Arched posture means that all the tension in the back muscles is released in just a few minutes of workout with the Acumobility Back Roller Deep Tissue Massager.

What’s so special about Acumobility

For sure there are numerous other similarly designed accessories, so what makes Acumobility special? The wheel-shaped myofascial pain release design does not strain or restrict the movement of body in any way. As an added bonus it can be used to tone the neck, arm, lats, gluts, legs and chest muscles.

One important feature is the design having gap for spine to prevent any unwanted injuries to this delicate part of the body. It also maintains the balanced amount of pressure on the back muscles for instant relief.

The back roller can take on weight of up to 1,000 pounds easily which gives it long term durability. Acumobility Back Roller can be purchased right now for $59.95