U-Turn Orbit Custom turntable is tailored for choosey audiophiles

For an audiophile with a sensitive ear, the audio quality from a turntable is of paramount importance. That’s why folks over at U-Turn Audio have designed a turntable based on their own passion for music and longing to have a vinyl record playing machine that’s pure bliss.

The Orbit Custom turntable is a result of their keen interest in audio equipment – bringing performance and consistency to deliver a sublime listening experience. It’s hand-assembled and carefully tested by the U-Turn team to ensure the analog audio experience that you bargained for.

Function over form

U-Turn has clearly focused more on the function of the custom turntable than the form, which by-the-way is quite minimalist. Whether you throw a digital or analog record at this turntable, the output is smooth and punchy. Another advantage is the precalibrated cartridge that saves on the setup time – just takes around five minutes, which is impressive!

Since it is a belt-driven turntable the motor noise is not transferred to the needle, making it ideal for audiophiles who like clean sound. On the other hand, DJ’s won’t particularly prefer this one as it lacks strong torque and quick spin-up times.  

Easy to install and setup

Orbit is designed to be easily put together by installing the platter on top of the base, placing the felt slip mat, and then plugging-in the power cord. Now all you’ll have to do is wrap the pulley having two grooves with the rubber band. The platter spins the record at 33rpm on the top groove and the bottom groove spins it at 45rpm depending on the record’s speed.  

There are 5 different cartridges to choose from, platter style and if need be you can upgrade the phono cable or the felt record mat. Pricing starts at $179 and depending on the optional upgrade, the customizable turntable is a good bet for a passionate vinyl connoisseur.