adidas gives Superstar shoes a spiked makeover for golfers

If you can associate Golf and adidas in the same line chances are you will love this new combination. The sports accessories giant has transformed its most sought after classic into a golf shoe complete with six cleats outsole.

For the 50th anniversary of the classic Superstar – the light and comfortable white sneaker with bold three stripes on either side of the foot – adidas has put spikes to it and made it ready for a stable footing at the tee off.

The subtle modification

Ever since it first debuted in the 1970, the Superstar has been a shoe that sets the style. Keeping true to its statement, the Golf Superstar remains unaltered in shape, style and comfort – adidas has only added spiked outsole to the soft and supportive make of the all-leather sneaker.

adidas is not the first shoe brand looking to give golfers an exciting choice. You’d probably remember Nike’s golf makeover of the very popular Air Jordan, which dropped earlier this year.  

In-style for the game of style

Golf is undoubtedly a game of style demanding a lot of focus and finesse in execution. While you concentrate on the next hole and gear up to execute your next swing, the Golf Superstar Spiked Shoe will provide surefooted traction. 

If you want to lace up for the perfect grip on the green, you can take home the pair of spiked adidas Superstars for $130 starting August 17. If you have owned a Superstar before you’d argue this pair is slightly on the higher side, but then it is worth the spikes.