Adidas Strutter Wide perfect as your next dad shoe

Some people favor Adidas over Nike. We understand the fascination but sometimes, we’re not just sure about the designs coming out. It’s the same with almost any other brand. A few designs have made us scratching our heads why the hype and the high price.

We guess ‘Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder’. You may probably say the same thing about the new Adidas Strutter Wide because it will remind you of those rubber shoes your dad used to wear or maybe still wear.

We believe there is a reason for still going for this design. For one, the pair is comfortable. Thanks to its very wide body. Any foot shape will definitely fit with the right size.

Daddy Shoe For You and Everybody

This “dad shoe” isn’t just for the dads. We won’t judge if you like this pair because its design is simple with the leather upper, minimal branding, and the wide shape that can be perfect for almost any physical activity.

Many people are saying this looks a lot like the Nike Air Monarch and we won’t disagree. They both give the “dad shoe” vibe.

This vibe and look we’re talking about is actually described by Adidas itself. The Strutter Wide Shoes are described by the brand as versatile sneakers with a casual and cool “dad shoe”. It comes with that chunky silhouette Adidas says brings the “dadliest of street shoes”.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Classic Adidas

The $65 Adidas Strutter Wide Shoes feature a simple and smooth leather upper plus a comfortable rubber outsole. The signature 3-stripes are on the sides for everyone to see.

At the moment, we can’t think of any other shoe model that will make us think of a “dad shoe” apart from the Nike Air Monarch. This Adidas Strutter Wide is a no-nonsense pair that can be reliable when you need something new, functional, and not expensive.

For regular physical activities, you don’t need those expensive shoes. Even if you can afford them, we’re sure you don’t want them used and soiled. Get the Adidas Strutter instead and you’ll be safe.