New Balance 992 Aqua Blue now available

It’s one of those days when it’s all gloomy outside and you want to stare in front of the screen and check out what new stuff to buy. If that’s your way of coping up with stress, no one is stopping you. Go ahead.

Why not get something that is easy and cool to the eyes? Like this new colorway of the New Balance 992. At the beginning of the year, the New Balance 992  Colorblock was introduced together with other classic silhouettes from the brand. Today, the popular model from New Balance circa 2006 is getting a fresh makeover in fresh aqua blue and silver.

New Balance 992 Aqua Blue is one cool colorway

New Balance 992 Aqua Blue Colorway

Aqua blue is cool to the eyes. Add some silver accents and you have something “cooler” to wear on the streets. 

The upper boasts a combination of teal and aqua blue—all over the tongue and throat. The quarters and heels show darker shades of teal. 

New Balance 992 Aqua Blue Design

New Balance 992 Aqua Blue Colorway

The N logo is set in navy while the shoelaces are in white. The gray exterior and liners slightly give the “silvery” accent. The midsole shows a gradient from white to teal—from bottom to the top part. The dark outsole match the color of the N logo. 

New Balance 992 Aqua Blue Launch

The New Balance 992 Aqua Blue is now available in retail stores and online. Pricing is set at $175. 

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