adidas White Spark football boot pack is destined to light up the pitch

adidas football boots are fan-favorites for two reasons: they are preferred by the best in the game, and they are fancy, state-of-the-art and enhance your gameplay whether you rely on speed, ball control or anything in between.

adidas is continuing its foray into the best for the sport with introduction of the new “White Spark Pack” – the brand’s latest collection of cleats in predominantly white colorways. The footwear pack for 21/22 is offered in both laced and laceless choices and comprises adidas’ sweet Predator Freak +, X Speedflow and COPA Sense.

The white boots

Classic football boots have now over the years formed a white approach. It’s a colorway that has left a mark on the pitch; a reason adidas is back with a similar approach with the intention to light up the pitch.

Each of the three boots in the White Spark Pack features white base decorated with red and dark metallic gray accents – referred to as “Solar Red and Iron Met.” The studs are available through adidas football website starting today. Predator Freak +, X Speedflow and COPA Sense are all priced at $230 each.

The collection

The Predator Freak + is an instant eye-catcher with its Demonskin spike upper, designed to give you an unfair advantage when it comes to ball control. The COPA Sense arrives in laceless design with a color palette of the White Spark Pack and touchpods, K-leather for perfect feel of the ball, and Sensepods for a snug feel with the foot.

The third in the pack, the X Speedflow arrives in both laced and laceless options. It is equipped with lightweight carbon fiber Speedframe and the laceless variant has Primeknit and lightweight mesh upper that adapts ball control in the fast gameplay.