Adidas ZG21 BOA golf shoes are ready for the green

Golf is one of those sports that many are obsessed with but induces a bit of a love-hate relationship. The challenge of knocking balls around the course is very appealing to many, but the reality of bad shots can be angering. Adidas has a new style of golf shoe aimed directly at those who like to spend their time out on the course called the ZG21 BOA golf shoes.

The shoes are available in cloud white/acid yellow/blue oxide or core black/cloud white/light solid gray. Both colors are exclusively available via Adidas online and in-store. Adidas constructs the shoe of partly recycled content as part of their effort to reduce plastic waste. At least 20 percent of the shoe components used to make the upper are made from 50 percent recycled content.

One of the golf shoe’s big features is the BOA Fit System that allows for micro adjustment. The system also makes it effortless to take the shoes on and off while securing consistent hold for all-day comfort. For secure footing, the shoes use six-cleat Thintech construction for better balance and stability.

Adidas says that a confident swing comes from stability and comfort, and the shoes are designed for a solid foundation for accurate and powerful drives. The upper is waterproof and helps keep feet dry and damp conditions. The Adidas ZG21 BOA golf shoes are priced at $200 per pair.

Multiple men’s sizes are available, ranging from size seven all the way up to size 15. Adidas says the shoes are a regular fit, and odds are you’ll need the same size you wear in most other brands.