Air Co’s vodka made out of the air is real

Ah, Vodka. We’re not even gonna ask you if you like drinking because we know you do. It’s your drink of choice so just allow us to give you another option. You don’t have to be a vodka connoisseur. You only need to enjoy drinking to appreciate this Air Co Vodka. Air and vodka? What is it again?

There is vodka made out of air. That is what Brooklyn-based distillery Air Co is making. It’s not impossible because there is science behind it. Based on the process of photosynthesis, a piece of special equipment can absorb carbon dioxide and then splits the carbon and oxygen. The oxygen is then turned into water. It’s as simple as what is happening to a plant.

Three Elements Working Together

Air Co. said, “We’ve invented a way to capture excess carbon from the air and turn it into ultra-refined, covetable products.” Three elements are at work here: Air, Water, and Sun. The result is vodka being carbon negative.

Air Co explains how carbon dioxide is “harvested”. The carbon dioxide comes from a nearby rival that distills spirits traditionally. The process of electrochemical conversion is nothing new. It’s not used though for a bigger production like what Air Co is doing.

Air Co Vodka Challenges Traditional Vodka

Air Co Vodka is much purer than traditional vodka. The process of fermentation has been eliminated already so no new impurities are introduced. The company follows a standard process and then adds in a “secret sauce” before purification and dilution and being bottled by hand.

Air Co Vodka costs only $65. That is not a bad price but for now, it is available in some New York establishments. The distribution will further expand next year.

After checking that Atomik vodka from Chernobyl and after going to the Reyka Vodka Glacier Bar, we can say the air vodka is something to try. It sounds like a novelty product but it’s not. Air Vodka is real and it’s going to get more real.