Karuizawa Sapphire Geishas limited-edition bottles out with premium prices

Who doesn’t love a good whiskey? No one we know. There are probably some of you here who only care for the latest drink available. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you know your limit. We believe you: you’ve got control over your desires.

What better way to celebrate such self-control by buying one round of drinks? We’re kidding, of course. But man, the limited edition bottles of the rarest Japanese whiskey are currently available for sale. Just saying.

Super Exclusive Sapphire Geishas

The Sapphire Geishas are very much exclusive as they come from a whiskey distillery that closed down a couple of decades ago. This single malt Japanese whiskey follows the Filson Westland Distillery Coldfoot Edition Whiskey we introduced earlier this week. We can’t say which one is better as we have yet to taste them.

We highly doubt we can get a hold of the limited edition Karuizawa whiskeys. They are very expensive. The Whisky Exchange has started selling KARUIZAWA’s The Sapphire Geishas, bottled by Elixir Distillers. The whiskey was created to bring to life the hidden beauty of the geisha.

Old Classic Reaches Its Perfection

The Sapphire Geishas were actually distilled in the 80s. That was about three decades ago. They have reached perfection after maturing in those ex-sherry casks and moving into glass demijohns.

Choose from either of the 31-year old or the 36-year old version of the Karuizawa Sapphire Geisha. Since they are limited edition, only 146 and 105 bottles will be sold, respectively. The sale is actually conducted by the ballot. Enter the ballot HERE if you are interested to buy.

Now for the price. A bottle of the 31-year old Sherry Cask is £12,500 which is about $16,251 in the United States. The 36-year old whiskey is £15,000 that converts to $19,500. Believe it or not, we know people who will be willing to buy bottles of the famed whiskey.