AirPop reusable masks with 3D Air Dome design allow better breathability

In these trying times, face masks have become the basic line of defense against the coronavirus. While face masks are equipped to keep dust and pollution out of your body, not all of them are fashioned to administer accurate breathing. To eliminate that issue, AirPop – which claims to be the world’s first “air wearables” company – has created reusable masks that will permit better breathability and wearability.

Aiming to give consumers more control over proper respiration and their health, the new masks by AirPop contains the company’s patented 3D Air Dome design that creates a canopy-like formation to provide clean air and balanced circulation for the user.

AirPop reusable masks

Focusing on aspects of science, technology, and design to create smart products to provide an effective barrier between you and airborne particulates, AirPopb has recently launched a new line of reusable and washable masks. Made with advanced fabrics, these masks are sturdy, flexible, lightweight and effortless to clean.

Featuring disposable, snap-in filters that can effectively block 99.97-percent of PM0.3 particulate matter as well as dust, bacteria, and viral matter – these masks last up to 40 hours before the filters need to be replaced.

AirPop Original and Active

Two new masks – AirPop Original and AirPop Active – have emerged as the most practical products, mostly for their breathability feature. The Original mask is designed for everyday use, while the Active mask is specifically intended for heavy exercises, including running or cycling. The distinct element of “performance pores” in the outer layer allows better airflow in comparison to regular masks.

There is an Adaptive Soft Touch Seal on the outermost layer of the masks to form an ideal fit, which can be accustomed to adjust different face sizes and shapes. AirPop Original and Active masks are available in the US and Canada for $59.99 and $69.99, respectively. Both masks come with four filters; users can also purchase another 4-pack Filter Refill for $24.99.