All-in-Sensor solves all your smart home and security requirements

IoT has taken the home security and connected ecosystem of appliances, lighting and smart gadgets to the next level. You can control your lighting with voice-commands or actuate the security systems remotely for complete peace of mind.

But having to install all the individual sensors and accessories does bite you hard in terms of money, and portability is also an issue. You just can’t use one gadget to perform multiple functions as and when required, can you?  

Direct Smarter All-in-Sensor

Looking to change the complexion of security technology and smart home applications, Direct Smarter has unveiled the All-in-Sensor at CES 2021. The all-in-one gadget has 12 sensors on-board that can be activated via your phone, giving you the flexibility of use, as and when required.

It can be your motion sensor, fire detector, temperature sensor, smart lighting controller, burglary alarm, tamper switch, glass break detector and what not. The AiS gives user the independence to use it at home or even while traveling or Overlanding to make sure your vehicle is safe at all times. The compact size makes it ideal for securing your belongings while traveling – your luggage for example! 

Connected ecosystem takes care of everything

With the AiS by Direct Smarter you’ll saved from the hassle-ridden task of installing different sensors or accessories that can inherently perform only one or at most couple more functions. For example you can install it on your living room windows to function as a glass breakage detector, fire alarm or gadget to control electrical devices.

Alternatively if you want to use it more remotely for multitude of tasks when the need arises that freedom is bliss. You can use it to be the greenhouse temperature and humidity monitor in the winters. Whereas in summers you can take the smart gadget for your adventure trip in your motorhome for security against all worst case scenarios – burglary, fire, vehicle theft or anesthetic gas attack!   

All-in-Sensor costs just $198 and given the array of use-cases with this smart gadget, it’s going to be a worthy investment if you are someone who’s particular about home security and privacy.