Amazon Ring’s new flying security camera is a drone for the indoors

Amazon-owned Ring is known for making internet-connected doorbells and security cameras. Announced at the Amazon fall event is Ring’s newly designed security camera that’s actually an indoor drone made to fly around the house and keep an eye on any suspicious activity.

The new Always Home Cam is a self-governing drone that can fly all around your house to give you a perspective of any room when you are not home. Once the surveillance is over, the drone returns to its charging station for a recharge. The anticipated cost for this gadget is $249.99 when it starts shipping next year.

Autonomous camera drone

The idea behind the Always Home Cam is to deliver many perspectives throughout the house without needing multiple cameras. The camera is fully autonomous, but owners can direct it to go in specific directions.

The flying security camera requires a map of your home for it to follow. It can be instructed to fly on demand or programmed to hover when a disturbance is detected by a linked Ring Alarm system.

Remote accessibility

The camera provides remote access to the happenings of your home. According to Ring, the camera can be used for simple things such as checking if you’ve left a stove on, window open, or if the door is locked when you are away from the house.

For security reasons the charging dock obstructs the camera’s view, so the camera only records when it is flying. Ring says the drone makes an audible noise when flying, making it apparent when it is recording.

Always Home Cam features obstacle avoidance technology that allows it to sidestep objects in its way. And its masked propellers prevent destruction to property, or hurting pet or person that the drone might crash into accidently.