Instagram intros new sorting category, lets you know who to unfollow

Instagram is definitely getting more serious with battling misinformation. Just recently, it vowed to fact-check photoshopped images that may be going viral. The next feature introduced by the IG team may be more helpful to you this time because it lets you know who to unfollow.

Now that is something you don’t want to happen to you—being unfollowed. But sometimes or maybe oftentimes, it’s that one major action you’ve been doing. Suddenly, you’re no longer interested in a person. Or maybe this Instagram star is sharing too much about her life that it’s suffocating. Believe me, I once spent an hour reviewing my ‘Following’ list because I don’t know most of them. Some I don’t even remember following at all.

New Way to Sort Followers, Following List

The changes Instagram is introducing are different categories for sorting. This means you can see which accounts you interact with the least. This way, you can see who to unfollow or who to keep following.

This could be one way to go ‘minimalist’ in your digital life. Reduce your social media accounts. Remove stuff that doesn’t spark joy. Unfollow those you barely remember or interact with. Right on Instagram, you can easily do so. Instagram will even allow sorting by the length of time you’ve followed an account.

Instagram Wants You to Streamline Your Feed

Instagram Unfollow

An Instagram spokesperson had something to say about this feature, “Instagram is really about bringing you closer to the people and things you care about — but we know that over time, your interests and relationships can evolve and change.” The app’s goal is to “make it easier to manage the accounts you follow on Instagram so that they best represent your current connections and interests.”

Your personal goal now is to streamline your social media feed. It’s not wrong to unfollow people you don’t really like or have forgotten or don’t interact with. Keep it simple and interesting because you can’t keep up with everything that’s out there.