Anda Seat x NAVI Gaming Chair is designed for comfortable and undistracted sessions

Gaming chair brand Anda Seat has in collaboration with the world’s finest e-sports teams Natus Vincere (NAVI) from Ukraine, designed the Navi edition gaming chair in the signature colors of the esports team.

This exclusive gaming chair features an ergonomic design and offers unrelenting support to the back and arms so your gaming sessions are flawless and undistracted.

The design

For utmost comfort to the player, the Navi edition gaming chair can contour the body shape of the occupant. This is made possible with the use of Re-Dense molded foam, which is akin to the material used in racing car seats and is known for its density and enhanced durability. The material ensures the gaming chair retains its shape and structure for a long time.

This Navi x Anda Seat Gaming Chair is perfect for long sittings that e-sports fans require to cut down on slouching and to maintain a healthier gaming style. The chair is made from powder-coated stainless steel for its durability that ensures the chair remains stable and sturdy during its lifetime.

The most interesting aspect of the design is the colors that the gaming chair is offered in. This chair comes in NAVI’s own classic black and yellow colors. Black here symbolizes the romance of the night sky, while the bright yellow color represents the stars.

The adjustable seat

To ensure the posture remains correct and gamers don’t feel sluggish, the chair comes with adjustable pillows for neck and lower back support. Moreover, the seat is height adjustable and supports recline from 90-degree to 160-degree for more than 100,000 cycles. 

The Navi edition e-sport gaming chair is available through Anda Seat’s website in both black and yellow colors starting at $500.