August Wi-Fi Smart Lock turns any old door into new one

There’s no dearth of smart locks out there but only a few can turn your existing deadbolt into a smart one. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock does that and the latest improved version has a better design too.

 It now looks sleeker with 45 percent less volume and the size has also been decreased by 20 percent from its predecessor – Smart Lock Pro. The new version of the lock is more aesthetically pleasing and resembles a door knob.

Designed by Yves Behar, the smart lock made its first appearance at the CES 2020 and now it is ready for the consumer market. The designer’s brand ‘August’ strives to create smart home accessories that rethink the home security innovation, and this Wi-Fi smart lock is a good example.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock design and upgrades

The new smaller form factor is more practical for homes as it is easier to rotate, especially when children are around. The new look also blends well with the existing home interiors and the door on which it is fixed.

It now comes with a new motor featuring a high-precision gearbox, which is smoother and less noisy – more like a deadbolt lever. All this without any compromise in the power and torque. The smart lock can be set to automatically lock the door when you leave or unlock when you arrive back.

Smart features for smart controls

With the compatible app, the lock can be locked or unlocked remotely too. Another important feature is the ability to link with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Homekit to integrate with other smart home devices. This means you can control it with voice commands or set it to lock/unlock when the smart lights are turned on/off.

All this makes the August Wi-Fi Smart lock a very useful accessory to have, more so when you plan to have smart door lock features without installing expensive systems. The sensibly priced smart lock can be bought for $250 right away.