Apple AirPods: Some tips on how to clean your pair

So you’re loving your AirPods now? Some people may be laughing at it when the pair was first introduced back in 2016 but now, AirPods are more known than ever. Many people will not admit that Apple made wireless earbuds more popular because other wireless earphones were released even before the AirPods.

What Apple just did was to make it look and sound cool. Now, most Apple users we know have AirPods. If not the real thing, you see people wearing earbuds that look like the AirPods in different colors. You know they are replicas but you get the idea—AirPods are cool.

Each pair is a bit expensive at $159 in the United States but it works. We also know it’s not the most expensive in the market today but the AirPods Pro now costs $249. The regular AirPods with Wireless Charging Case is $199.

Important Tips To Follow

Wireless headphones are worthy investments so it can be heartbreaking if you lose them or just one piece. You need to take care of them by making sure you place the pair inside a protective case when not in use.

For them to last longer, it is highly recommended that you clean the earbuds and charging case. Wear and tear are real but it can be prevented—if not, delayed a bit. You see, like any other earphones, there will be ear wax build-up especially if you use the pair every day.

The more you use the pair, the more it must be cleaned. Simply wipe the earbuds even when you don’t see any dirt. The case, mesh, and ear tips must be cleaned regularly.

To clean the AirPods Case, simply wipe it. The charging case must dry although it is water-resistant. You don’t want a case getting damaged. If there are stains, try to clean with a damp cloth with isopropyl alcohol.

Cleaning the AirPods is a Must

When you see ear gunk or ear wax, clean the microphone first and then the speaker mesh with a dry, clean cotton swab. Just wipe clean.

The AirPods Pro is a variant that offers noise-canceling. This particular feature is made possible by wearing small, medium, or large silicone tips. Pull off the tips and then rinse with water. No need for soap. Wipe, rinse, and then dry.