Five best robotic mowers for a flawless lawn

While mowing the lawn gives a certain satisfaction, doing so in the summer heat can be really uncomfortable – pushing the mower can make you exert a lot of energy. Besides, the fossil fuels that run the machine are harmful for the environment.

So, what do you do, either get down there with a cutter and mow the lawn manually or get home a robotic lawn mower. Robotic mowers are a smarter and faster way to do the lawn than any traditional method. To help you make a decision we have here rounded up five best robotic lawn mowers you can buy in 2020.

Worx Landroid M 20V Cordless Mower

This fully automated robotic lawn mower can cut up to a quarter acre on a single charge. The connected app ensures instant operation and control right from the smartphone. The Landroid’s outfitted with AIA cutting technology so it can maneuver through obstacles effortlessly. Worx’s mower features an intuitive layered interface for personalized working timetables and it is custom-designed to work on hills and slopes independently. The mower is smart enough to return to its charging stations when it needs charging – it also has rain sensors, so when it detects rain, it returns to the charging station to wait until the lawn is dry. Landroid is available for $1000.

Honda Miimo HRM 310

Latest addition to the Miimo family, this robotic mower is perfect for quiet mowing. An easy 4-step process maps the garden’s layout and calculates its size. The small mower returns to its charging station in time to recharge itself, and resumes cutting from where it left off, quietly. The Place & Mow feature allows the Small Miimo to mow particular areas, including beneath the garden furniture. All the users is required to do is to manually activate it, place it on the lawn and rest is for the Miimo to do. Additionally, Small Miimo can take instructions from you verbally with Amazon Alexa, notifying you of its mowing schedule and current status. You can buy for £1,435 ($1890).

Robomow RC 306

This lawn mower is ideal for smaller areas. The sleek and sophisticated Robomow RC 306 is discreet, small, and brilliantly precise. It comes with a Base Station, which can be hidden from sight for an aesthetic look. It can mow areas inside the working area with slopes of up to 36-percent. This lawn mower can be controlled from your smartphone for easy and remote access, making it easy to use with flexible installation options. The smart mow feature gives flawless maneuvering and motion for a perfect mow. The rain sensors allow it to return to its base until the weather is dry. It is available for $2,049.

Husqvarna Automower 450X

Husqvarna Automower 450X covers an area of up to 1.25 acres on a single charge. It features smart technology, an intuitive interface and weather resistance, therefore, it can work in the rain without any damage. Regular mowing keeps the garden cleaner-looking, for which you can schedule the mow times according to your need. The 450X comes with Automower Connect, which has GPS navigation and theft tracking, along with special features of LED headlights, rubber front bumper and specially painted wheel caps. You can also map your garden through the app to mark additional zones that need to be avoided. Automower 450X is available for $4,600.

Stihl imow RMI 422 PC

This mower can cover over a third of an acre to keep your lawn nice and clean. Paired with the iiMow app, you can monitor the mowing duration and plan, and also direct the mower to return to its base. The battery of this mower has a long life, it can mow medium-sized lawns up to 1,700 meter square effectively. The sensors embedded in the moveable hood alert the mower if it is moving toward an obstacle and the machine changes its direction of motion. It is available at Robo Expert for £1099.

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