Apple iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case shown off with a camera button

It has been over two months since Apple launched the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The three variants differ in many ways it may be difficult for real Apple fanboys to decide what to get. As much as we like to recommend the highest-specced model, it will really be up to your preference. Some like ordinary-sized phones while others like theirs to be really big like phablets.

The challenge of having big phones is mainly the battery. They sure have large batteries as well but will all the apps running on your phone, the battery may easily drain. Good thing there are helpful solutions like default battery management programs, battery-saving app, fast charging technology, and as a physical solution, this Smart Battery Case.

Smart Battery Case Comes with a Special Button

Apple has recently introduced a Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 11 series. It’s the latest from the Cupertino company but is very similar to the previous versions.

This one though features a special shortcut that can benefit mobile photography enthusiasts or just about anyone who likes to snap away on his iPhone. This iPhone 11 battery case boasts a physical camera shortcut. It is one feature you won’t find in other battery case products from third-parties.

Function Over Form For Better Charging

Apple made this especially for the iPhone 11 phones to keep them charged and protected at the same time. It may not be exactly aesthetically but it is an ideal solution for those who always want their batteries in full or at least above 50%. The case protects the phone with the soft microfiber lining inside. The outside shell is made of silicon that protects the device when dropped. The soft-touch finish of the case is smooth in your hand.

The Smart Battery Case comes with a camera button that can launch the Camera app. It doesn’t matter if the device is locked or unlocked. Clicking on the button will take a photo of anything or anyone. To record a QuickTake video, simply long-press the button.

As promised, this Smart Battery Case allows wireless charging. This means it can work with most Qi-certified chargers. The battery case may not quickly or fully charge the iPhone all the time but an extra 50% of power is appreciated. Check the lock screen from time to time so you will see the battery level. If not wireless charging, you can always charge via USB-PD-compatible chargers.