Haaks Opperland Camper expands into a tiny two-story dwelling

Tiny houses are simply an elegant marriage of style and functionality. Becoming another jewel in the tiny house movement, Haaks ‘Opperland’ camper is a unique creation for it can expand into a tiny two-story house.

Dutch company Haaks has unveiled this durable camper that is a hidden tiny home, bringing remarkable comfort and enhanced capabilities to make you feel at home. The compact cabin is capable of being transported on a flatbed truck, ensuring that it reaches you wherever you please.

Expandable design

This expandable, mobile dwelling blurs the line between a motorhome and a tiny home. Opperland camper easily slides off the flatbed truck, landing steadily on hydraulic legs to serve as a cozy cabin.

The camper measures 158 x 90 x 99 -inches and fits neatly on the base of a Fiat Ducato. A triangular pop-up roof resting over the upper rear corner of the box rises up to form a wood-clad, two-story tiny house with all the necessities.

Opperland Tiny House

The upper story of Opperland has a bedroom, while the lower level features a spacious living area, comprising a dinette located inside the tailgate. A kitchen with a sink, an induction cooktop and an 81-l fridge are also incorporated to provide a comfortable homely environment.

All the appliances are powered by a 360-ah lithium-ion battery onboard. The house also includes 45-l fresh and waste water tanks, a Victron inverter and a Truma water heater.

The back of the camper houses a small bathroom with a toilet, along with a shower opposite to the staircase that leads to the upper level. In the bedroom, a double mattress fills the space that also has a triangular window positioned in the pitch of the roof, while a light mounted near the apex illuminates it.