Apple launches AirTag, its own tracking device for $29

Apple had been long planning to launch its own tracking device to make sure some of us don’t misplace our keys or go clueless with our luggage. At the Spring Loaded event, Apple finally took covers off of the AirTag, its maiden tracking device that goes head to head with other such products including the Tiles.

AirTag is an extremely easy-to-use device that lets you track all your stuff. You can attach it to the keys, drop it in the bag, hang it around your pet’s neck – possibilities are endless. The device works with Apple’s Find My app (used primarily to track down Apple devices) to keep track of your possessions.

The features

This $29 tag comes with IP67 rating for resistance against dust and water. It features a stainless steel body, which if wanted personalized, can be etched with an emoji. Connected to the Find My app, this rechargeable battery-powered tag can keep track of whatever it is hooked to.

AirTags can be bought standalone, with a keychain or even with Hermes leather tag. Whatever the choice, the idea is simple, if a tagged item is lost, the iPhone with Find My app will lead you to it.

More details

For tracking the tags, Apple uses what it calls Precision Finding. This basically relies on the U1 chip – that supports directional positioning – present in more recent Apple devices including the iPhone 12. The tagged device on the Find My app is trackable to which direction it is in, or how close it is to you.

The AirTag are going to hit the market on April 30. Before that, it will go on preorder starting Friday, April 23. While a single tag comes for $29, a pack of four can be grabbed at $99.