Airstream Classic Silver Bullet Travel Trailer gets all smart and luxurious

Going tiny is becoming more than just a trend. It is more of a conscious choice by people who want to go minimalist in their life. Living inside a trailer was the more popular option. Interestingly, the idea has changed over the years with trailers going a bit bigger than usual and even more glam.

Trailers have also allowed glamping as a new adventure for those who like outdoors but still want a little bit of luxe. Others live in trailers because they want to travel to different cities and explore new towns. By living in a trailer, they can be free to go wherever and whenever.

One of the more popular travel trailers we know is the Airstream Classic “Silver Bullet. Seeing one parked somewhere tells us the owner is on a new adventure. You can’t miss one because of its very attractive chrome curves. The silver trailer has been iconic throughout the years and now it needs a much-need upgraded.

If you’re planning on getting a travel trailer, you may consider this classic Airstream. It’s stylish especially inside where you can spend the whole day just admiring the modern design of the living room or spending a lot of time in the custom luxury kitchen.

Modern, Sleek Interior is In

From the outside of the trailer, you won’t think anything special is going on inside. Step inside and you will witness how the designers worked hard to keep the interiors pure and clean with white. Comfort White is how the interior is called. It is bright and light, giving that very comfortable feeling all the time.

It is Scandinavian-minimalist so we know many people who will love this. The kitchen comes with white, shaker-style cabinets, grass-cloth woven vinyl floors, grasscloth woven vinyl floors, and dark Corian countertops. Look closely on the countertops and you will see some star-like swirls. To finish the luxurious look is German brass hardware. For the leather touches and accents, you can choose from earl grey ultra-leather or café latte ultra-leather.

Both Classic 30 and Classic 33-foot styles can have such interior packages. You see, being on the road in a trailer doesn’t mean you can be sloppy. All the more you should take care of your tiny, traveling home because it is small and the only one you have at the moment.

Trailer Gets Airy, Light, and Techie

Everything is airy and light inside from the kitchen to the small living room to the sleeping area. You will see a lot of white and grey everywhere—white linens, white cabinets, grey accents, silver finishes, etc. The trailer may be small but you can be comfortable inside with the seating in the dining area, desk chair with storage, and reclining sofa.

For your clothes, there is ample storage. The bathroom comes with a large bowl sink and shower where you can have a luxurious bath.

The classic trailer has already received an upgrade when it comes to tech. It’s “smarter” now with the Smart Control Technology that was made available by Airstream back in 2019.

The Class trailer now comes with the same smart tech so you can monitor where the trailer is, as well as, control the features straight from a smartphone. Inside, you will find a 7-inch touchscreen control system where you can manage the trailer.