Arco 2-in-1 coffee grinder is powered by dock or hand

Goat Story, Slovenia-based home coffee equipment and roasting company, has created a two-in-one coffee grinder that can either work at home by a powered dock or in the outdoors by hand. This coffee grinder has been created to pair high-quality coffee beans with a high-quality machine to craft finest brew.

Arco comes in two variations: a manual hand grinder and a 2-in-1 electric and hand grinder. According to the company, its unique construction offers amazing grind quality that is similar to any expensive professional electric grinder available on the market. The main purpose of creating Arco is to offer a seamless experience to the users by pairing the quality of the hand grinder with the aesthetics and convenience of a modern kitchen appliance.

Long-lasting design

Arco is made using 6082 and 7075 space-grade aluminum. This material ensures the product has a maximum life span due its extreme durability. To add more to its durability, the grinder also includes steel grinding burrs. Just a small section of the device is plastic, which can be easily recycled or removed if required.

Furthermore, the motor of this electric grinder is made with international standards, ensuring it is as durable as the overall body of the product. The lid and handle can be operated manually, whereas the catcher/doser secures magnetically at the bottom.

Specifications and more

Measuring 7-inch high by 2.4-inch wide and weighing 1.76 lb, this coffee grinder is quite compact and lightweight. This means that you can take it anywhere around your house for making coffee. Plus, its dock measures 11-inch high x 3.6-inch wide x 7.5-inch deep and weighs 6.2 lb.

The coffee grinder can hold up to 50g of beans at a time. This makes it suitable for any desired brewing method. Its adjustable ring provides 30 settings for each of the found categories of grinding: espresso, Turkish/ibrik, cold, and filter brew. Whether you use it by hand or in the dock, the device ensures perfect grind consistency with near-zero grind retention. So, the burr chamber won’t retain any stale grounds from yesterday for preparing today’s fresh brew.