Polestar 2 with Pixel LED Lights puts up a fancy show

Polestar 2 is already gunning to be a big player in the EV scene, come this winter solstice, the company revealed insights into the advanced lighting technology it’s using in the headlamps and the tail lights of the electric car.

Reportedly, the Polestar 2 is fitted with Pixel LED headlights as a standard in the launch edition. These feature active high beam technology which allows drivers to leave their lights on high beam, to move forward in complete visibility, without blinding oncoming drivers or having to switch between modes.

The unique front

Each lamp on front of the compact EV has 84 individual LED pixels forming a matrix – within these clusters each LED is controlled individually both while driving and when the car is unlocked. This enables Polestar 2 drivers to leave the car on high beam while maneuvering in the dark to automatically shade when a car approaches without affecting the sight of other drivers.

Per Polestar, this active high beam technology can accommodate up to five oncoming vehicles, working fully automatically. The front fog lights are also getting a twist – the LEDs in these lamps automatically activate at low speeds and light up on turning of the steering to further enhance visibility on curves and zig-zag stretches.

The rear and regulation

At the rear, the Polestar 2 has an exciting lighting strip running across the trunk. The full-width wrap-around light bar comprises 288 LEDs featuring adaptive lighting – in the day the LEDs shine bright for optimal visibility and automatically dim by the night to prevent drivers in the tail from being dazzled.

Interestingly, this Pixel LED tech is available in all markets where legislation allows – this excludes the States where regulations don’t permit such fancy lighting in cars. Polestar promises to push out the feature as an over-the-air (OTA) update, when and if the regulations change in the US and other markets where Polestar 2’s extravagant lighting show is not permitted currently.