Argali Kodiak Belt features a buckle to hone and sharpen any knife on the go

When you’re planning to go out hunting or even camping in the wild, carrying a lightweight backpack is of umpteen importance. Therefore, whenever a gear like the Kodiak belt – that can help shed weight on the back – shows up, we are quick to appreciate it.

The new Kodiak Belt from Argali is a graciously designed hunting field belt with a knife sharpener built-in. This combination allows you to pack for your next outing without a knife sharpener in the backpack, as you’ll be wearing one around your waist neatly concealed under the pack’s hip belt.

The inventive belt

New outdoor gear springs up every other day but it seldom happens that you come across something which truly stands out as a must-have. This is exactly what the rugged and reliable Kodiak Belt happens to be. An easy to wear and practical to use, the belt is designed by hunters for the hunters.

The field blet with a knife sharpener in the buckle allows multiple options to sharpen or hone a knife – broadhead or hook. The lightweight profile and comfy nylon webbing of the Kodiak ensures the belt is usable for everyday wear and comes in handy when a dull knife wouldn’t be of help.

Other highlights

The Iron Grip Webbing Capture System on the belt secures it comfortably while portable blade sharpener onboard comes in handy when you want to hone a knife. For the most stubborn blades, the belt also features an 800-grit diamond plate in the back.

The Kodiak Belt comes in medium and large sizes, to wrap around waist sizes from 28-inches to 35-inches without a fuss. It is conveniently priced at $69.99, which should be within the reach of most hunters out there.