Atmos Tokyo Adidas Originals Setsubun Pack presents new ZX 8000, ZX 2K BOOST designs

This isn’t the first time we’re featuring a collab that includes Atmos and a known sports brand. But for fans of Adidas, the new partner may be a stranger. It’s a popular retailer in Japan that knows fashion and has passion for Japanese streetwear and sneakers. 

Previously, it teamed up with PUMA for the Atmos x Puma RS-X Sneakers. The pair was designed and meant to honor Japanese tradition. This time, Atmos Tokyo and Adidas Originals are  introducing the “Setsubun” Pack that consists of two striking designs of the ZX 8000 and ZX 2K BOOST.

Atmos x Adidas Celebrate Setsubun 

atmos Tokyo adidas Originals Setsubun Pack ZX 8000 and ZX 2K BOOST. copy

Atmos and Adidas worked on these two pairs we can consider as quirky. It’s not exactly kawaii but we can agree they are fun and colorful. The term Setsubun means “seasonal division”. It’s spring time if you are to look at an old Japanese calendar. 

 Setsubun usually has people enjoying festivities everywhere in Japan. There are traditions and rituals that are believed to be cleansing bad fortunes or spirits. The Adidas ZX 8000 and the Adidas ZX 2K BOOST present unique and fun designs that you may describe as striking.

Adidas Originals Turning Japanese

atmos Tokyo adidas Originals Setsubun Pack ZX 8000 and ZX 2K BOOST Design2

The Atmos Tokyo Adidas ZX 8000 features different  fabrics and construction. The  base has red, green, and blue woven all over.  You will notice the three different colored demons applied on the shoes. It’s not your usual theme but it adds to the character of the product. On the tongue, you will see a creature also embroidered on the tag. 

The mid-lower section features a  reflective cream leather. There’s also red suede around the heel area, blue suede for the eyestay, and more ed suede on the toe plus mudguard. The Atmos Tokyo Adidas ZX 2K BOOST is similarly designed but the pair with the black base boasts a furry tiger printed lining. 

The adidas ZX 2K BOOST PURE atmos starts at ¥18,000 ($173). The adidas ZX 8000 atmos is ¥14,000 ($134). The pairs are also joined by two long-sleeve T-shirts creatively designed by anime artist TAROU2.