Audi Skysphere EV transforms from sports car to GT convertible

The automotive landscape is changing gradually with electric vehicles designed keeping in mind future of mobility. But nothing got us prepared for the Audi Skysphere which is inspired by the 1937 Horch 853 convertible.

That’s because it is literally a two car setup mashed up into one. Audi’s vision of luxurious electric two-seater roadster has much more than just its eco-friendly credentials. The car is also an autonomous grand tourer with level 4 autonomy for users who settle for nothing less than the best. 

Transforming wheelbase for metamorphosis

Audi Skysphere has a two part body design on the front which can increase the wheelbase by approximately 10-inches. This is done by the electric motors that move the front wheels forward – taking it from a performance-oriented sports car mode to a luxurious GT mode with more legroom.

The interiors also go through the striking change as the steering wheel and gear-shift pedals retract back inside the dashboard to reveal a clean touchscreen interface for riders who prefer laying back and enjoying the journey. All this is done with the flip of a button that makes the perplexing transformation possible.

The seats are upholstered in microfiber suede fabric. Also, materials like eucalyptus wood trim and synthetic leather surfaces on the interiors give the roadster an ultra-plush feel.

Tuned for EV dominated future     

The EV rides on double wishbone front and rear active suspension, and has three-chamber air springs and adaptive dampers on all four sides for the smoothest ride possible. Depending on the mode selected, the turning radius is also toggled and the steer-by-wire system adjusts the weight ratios.

On the rear is the 624 horsepower electric motor generating 553 pound-feet of torque and is capable of going from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds flat. The 80 kilowatt-hours battery pack on this incredible EV is estimated to last for roughly 310 miles on a single charge.      

If you are already eager to see this transforming Audi concept for real; it is going to be revealed in Pebble Beach, Calif., during Monterey Car Week later this week. This is going to be the first of three Audi concept cars coming this year with the Grandsphere scheduled for later in the year.