Avoid these mistakes to ruin your travel experience in London

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The city has something new to offer you whether it’s your first time or you’re revisiting it. It is full of historic sites, wonderful restaurants, beautiful landscapes and so much more.

Although Britons are usually inviting folks, they are not reluctant to point out the mistakes tourists make on their visit to London. From transportation blunders to eating mishaps. Here are some mistakes tourists make during their trip to the British capital, which could spoil the experience.

Using the Tube for every commute

The Tube is essentially one of the most important modes of transportation in London. It saves time and makes the journey effortless. However, a tourist need not take the Tube everywhere, especially if they are sight-seeing in central London. The main tourist attractions in central London are quicker and more scenic on foot. Therefore, instead of spending time underground, you can see London above ground with fresh air and extra couple of bucks in your pocket.

Using the escalators incorrectly

It is pretty common and understandable to be unaware of customs of a foreign country but not entirely inexcusable. If you’re in London, always stand to the right on the escalators in the Tube stations. Locals get agitated with this particular mistake, beware not to stand on the left side.

Crowding up central London

This innermost part of London is commonly very crowded and with eager tourists swarming in the streets, it can get really cramped up, which is an inconvenience for everyone. Your trip to London doesn’t need to revolve around central London alone, explore areas beyond as well. You can have a less touristy feel and get to spend time with the people who live in those areas. For true local culture, it would make sense to explore areas that are not entirely packed with tourists. For instance, you can venture Hackney or Hampstead that by the way have some cool and lively things on offer.

Eating at wrong places

Knowing where to eat and what to eat, can save you a lot of time and provide you a delicious experience as well. There are many typical chain restaurants cluttered across central London and various other top tourist attractions that can spoil your culinary experience. If you appreciate the British cuisine, you should venture beyond central London to areas like Angel/Islington, Bermondsey, Broadway Market, Shoreditch, Clapham/Battersea and Mercato Metropolitano in Elephant & Castle.