Baby Yoda Shoes bring the force of cuteness to your feet

Baby Yoda Shoes have just landed from the galaxy far, far away and they want to be part of your wardrobe. For their sheer cuteness, they wouldn’t make the best pair for an adult’s feet but if you did wear, you’d make your colleagues go green in envy.  

Since Grogu err… you’d better relate to Baby Yoda, made an appearance on Mandalorian, it’s been a character that has stuck with the universe fans. It’s become one the other most loved characters and fittingly has been on all sorts of merchandise from painting to pushies and more.

Now a Baby Yoda shoe

Fans would know it was only time before cute Yoda sneakers made their debut. Here then in the green black combo is the pair of Baby Yoda unisex shoes from

If outside of the universe there is a pair to complement your style; these shoes from Star Wars: The Mandalorian with green Baby Yoda face and pink ears on the tongue, white midsole and stylish converse-esque form factor “may be the find you’ve been hunting.”

Pricing and availability

Expected to begin retailing from July 30, the shoes are available on pre-order now. To be available in all sizes 5 through 12 in both men and women options, the sneakers are officially called “The Child” shoes.

The Baby Yoda shoes are priced at $39.99 and on your feet they will be instant statement of your Grogu fandom.