Backbone One controller elevates iPhone gaming experience

Smartphones have turned into a makeshift gaming device even though nothing beats the experience of a physical controller. More so when we talk about iPhone gaming that has limited options when it comes to third party controllers that are actually good.

You can go for the PlayStation or Xbox controllers but optimization and the actual gameplay experience can be an issue. Backbone One solves these irks to let you have an accessory to elevate your iPhone gaming experience. 

Unified iPhone gaming experience

Backbone One stands out from the rest, thanks to its closely knit hardware and software integration. Not many controllers for Apple smartphones can brag about that. Combine that with the comfortable, well-thought out form and the controller is a real deal for just $100.

It has a very refined app of its own that lets you jump to installed games on the iPhone and do things like instantly share recordings of the gameplay with your pals. By making clever use of the iOS features in a multitude of ways it gives you much more than just a handheld controller for the smartphone – gamers will surely love that bit. 

Thoughtful design tailored for iPhone

Backbone One is good enough for a quick gaming session for your morning metro commute or the dedicated gaming sessions with friends. Just slip-on your iPhone running iOS 13 or later into the Backbone One controller, and you are ready for an immersive session. It works with the iPhone 6s to the latest iPhone 12 series, so every Apple gamer is covered in that regard. Since, it connects with the Lighting connector of the device, the smooth gaming experience has low latency connection.  

The accessory takes up less power than your Lighting earbuds, so you don’t have to bother about the massive battery drain on your iPhone. The fact that it has tactile analog buttons, dual shoulder buttons, D-pad, and two analog sticks gives you a strategic advantage in games that are much appreciated. Moreover Backbone One controller has a 3.5mm jack for immersive game sessions without disturbing others.