Begin your sweet new year with bespoke BRIK chocolates

Start your new year with a bespoke chocolate collection from London-based chocolate company BRIK, which has been breaking the mold of how chocolate is seen, eaten, and experienced through its special edible textures and architectural surfaces.

These unique handmade chocolates are inspired by terrazzo, concrete, marble, and other materials; and are made from all-natural color and essence. These unique sweets are perfect to be gifted for the celebration of the upcoming year.

Handmade BRIK chocolate

Headed by Danish designer Kia Utzon-Frank and retail strategist Raffaella Baruzzo, BRIK uses consistency, ingredients, and architectural surfaces as muse to create amazing flavor combinations. The chocolates taste as captivating as it looks, is made using only natural components, and comes in plastic-free compostable packaging.

Kia says, their chocolates are inspired from both natural and industrial worlds to catch people’s attention so that they look at BRIK chocolates with the same amazement as they see “awe-inspiring building or a technological wonder.”

Unique Treats

All the natural ingredients used in the chocolates are sourced with great care – organic bergamot from Calabria, organic South European rosemary with hints of lemon, high-grade matcha harvested in Kyoto, vegan chocolate bases supplied by botanists, and activated charcoal from burnt coconut.

In addition to experimenting with various flavors and geometric shapes from slabs to spheres; the company also creates chocolates of various shapes and sizes. Each piece is unique since no molds or set techniques to shape the treats is employed. BRIK wants the flavors to appeal to all five taste buds – sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami – when you’ve tasted them, do let us know if they really do?