Belvoir Castle open for New Year’s Eve via Airbnb

If you’ve ever wondered how it is to live in a castle, you can do so now with Airbnb. It’s something we’ve been wanting to do but hasn’t really found that place we’d want to spend our money on because for sure, each night will be expensive. Airbnb has recently shared the Belvoir Castle where you can live like royalty. It’s not just a simple visit or a tour. You can actually spend a night inside the castle.

If you’re familiar with The Crown, you know this is where the TV series is filmed. You can book for a stay this New Year’s Eve. You can book the King’s Suite. If you’re lucky, you and your companion can spend New Year’s Eve and welcome 2020 while in the castle.

Feel Like Royalty, Live Like Royalty

As with any castle tour or experience, you can feel like royalty. Enjoy an afternoon tea or a lavish dinner. Of course, you will be welcomed first by luxury drinks. This is the first time the Belvoir Castle is opening its giant doors for exclusive stays as an Airbnb experience.

A luxurious stay in the castle will happen in the King’s Suite. Three one-night stays are being offered on Dec 31, January 11, and January 25.

Airbnb Does Luxe Accommodation Right

Airbnb can accommodate three pairs of guests only so this is like a limited edition offering. We’re not sure if Belvoir Castle and Airbnb will offer this once again in the future.

The pairs will be guests of the Duchess of Rutland and her family. Experience living like royalty in the suite with three rooms. That is too big we’re certain you will be overwhelmed especially with all the excess. Everything is regal and opulent—like any castle for any royal.

No words are enough to explain what we can see inside the Belvoir Castle. We’ve seen some parts in The Crown already. Now let’s try living inside at least just for a night. Each night costs $337. That’s a good price already considering this is a castle and you get to live like royalty at least for a whole day.