Coravin Model Eleven Bluetooth-connected wine preservation system

Coravin Model Eleven is a completely automated wine preservation system that allows you to pour wine effortlessly, while preserving the essence of the beverage. Just insert the needle through the cork, tilt the bottle and pour yourself a glass of wine.

The wine preservation system includes a Coravin Model Eleven wine preserver, six Coravin capsules, display base, Coravin aerator, six Coarvin screw caps, and a trendy carry case.

Coravin Model Eleven

This unique wine opener is designed with smart technology, connected with Bluetooth, and has a button you can press to change the pour sizes. The button allows you to switch between sip and glass mode. The LED display features intuitive icons, allowing you to see when to replace the Coravin Capsule, charge the system, and when the system is ready to pour.

Available for $650, the Model Eleven connects to the Coravin Moments App, which lets you monitor system status and explore unique wine moments to couple with food, music, movies, and more. Specifically modeled coated wine needle pierces smoothly through the wine cork, permitting you to pour wine both quickly and gently. There are six capsules, each capsule pours about 15.5 ounces of wine.

Automated wine preservation system

Specially designed for use with all Coravin systems, the capsules are the power source of this system as they pressurize bottles with the inert argon gas to pour wine. Argon gas, which is used in the winemaking, enters the bottle after the needle punctures through the cork, preserving the remaining wine from oxidation.

The aerator is attached to the nozzle of the Coravin wine preservation system to provide silkier, smoother, and more scented effects equal to decanting wine for around 60 to 90 minutes.