Best hot springs in Western Colorado for a rejuvenating vacay

Colorado is known for its beautiful landscapes, wildlife, sand dunes and hot springs. The state has over 90 developed and undeveloped hot springs, some of which are hidden gems in the mountains. Offering a perfect and relaxing vacation in a hot pool of mineral-rich water, these hot springs of Colorado are surrounded by breathtaking views and exciting road trips.

Western Colorado has plenty of hot springs destinations, where you can soak in super-heated water that offers an abundance of wellness benefits. Here are the best five hot springs destinations in Western Colorado, nestled in prime locations with refreshing mountain air, stunning vistas, world-class resorts and so much more.

Glenwood Hot Springs

Considered to be the crown jewel in all of Colorado’s hot springs, Glenwood Hot springs was constructed in 1888. Its main pool holds over a million gallons of mineral-rich water and is the largest naturally heated pool on the planet. Its source, the Yampah Spring, produces 3.5 million gallons of water every day, at temperatures of 122 degrees Fahrenheit, which cools down to an idyllic 104 degrees by the time it gets to the pools. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort features 107 rooms, a spa offering massages, facials, body wraps, and two unique rituals inspired by the Ute tribes which used the springs for medicinal purposes centuries ago.

Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs

Just 25 miles south of Glenwood Springs, Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs is nestled in Crystal River Valley near the tiny town of Redstone. Avalanche Ranch has three separate pools arranged in a leveled layout. The pools are divided to offer some privacy from one to the next, creating an intimate and relaxing setting. Each pool cascades into the next, oxygenating and refreshing the water. The bottom pool features a 3-foot waterfall, forming a warm screen of water in front of a rock cave. The Ranch also offers bathing suits and towel rentals, and individual and couples’ massages with at least 48-hours’ notice.

Pagosa Hot Springs

Pagosa Hot Springs in the San Juan Mountains is Colorado’s most famous hot springs destination and is the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring. There are 23 mineral pools of The Springs Resort & Spa, tiered along the bank of San Juan River, each with a different size and temperature. The Overlook Hot Springs Spa is particularly popular, with its old Victorian bathhouse vibe, complete with rooftop pools with picturesque views. The resort offers 24-hour pool access to its guests. There is even a brewing company near the springs, which is powered by geothermal heat.

Steamboat Hot Springs

Steamboat Springs is famous for its skiing in the winter and Strawberry Park Hot Springs. The hot springs blend in with their surroundings beautifully – amid a forest on a riverbank. About a three-hour drive from Denver, Strawberry Park offers various appealing facilities such as late-night, adult-only and clothing-optional conveniences. While the Strawberry Park is a local gem, the Old Town Hot Springs is popular among families with its two 230-foot twisting waterslides and a climbing wall. There are many lodging options near the springs for night stays.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Mount Princeton Hot Springs is located in Nathrop, two and half-hour drive south of Denver. This hot springs spot hosts three year-round pools – one for swimming, another for optimal soaking and another for relaxing. It offers hot springs with natural, rocky surroundings and human-created pools that are heated by geothermal water. The destination boasts a restaurant with a menu based on fresh ingredients, a spa, a beer garden, yoga and fitness classes and bars.