Best pet carriers for when your pal deserves a trip with you

Your pet deserves to go with you on your trips and see the world just as much as you do. However, traveling with pets requires a certain amount of preparation, along with picking the right pet carrier. If you plan to take your pet with you on travels, you must take time to find an airline-approved pet carrier that will keep your pet safe and comfortable during the journey.

There are tons of options available but it can be difficult to choose. You should consider the nature of your travel and the type of carrier that will suit best to you and your pet. From a sleek carrier with wheels to soft-sided carriers, here are the best pet carriers that are airline-approved.

Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe

Sherpa’s airline-approved pet carrier is the best overall pick. The original deluxe carrier features mesh ventilation panels, a removable and machine-washable liner and a spring frame that can squeeze down to fit under airplane seats. You can carry it with the shoulder strap, or through carrying handles or attach it to your luggage. Do not worry if you have a big pet as this carrier comes in different sizes.

Mr. Peanut’s Expandable Pet Carrier

The best expandable option, this pet carrier gives your pet the opportunity to have more space, a feature that specifically comes in handy when there are layovers or delays. It has two entryways – one through the top and one through the side. The fabric on the top acts as a lid but can be folded to reveal a mesh window. It is durable, waterproof and strong, offering you a perfect model to carry around your pet.

Snoozer Roll around 4-in-1

This sleek model with wheels offers an easy-to-carry option. This airline-approved carrier has three sides lined with mesh, a telescopic handle, and a roomy side pocket for storing treats, a leash and other pet accessories. Its rigid base is removable, making it easy to stash under the seats. You can also use this pet carrier on daily basis to carry around your pet.

AmazonBasics Top-Load Pet Carrier

The AmazonBasics two-door, hard-sided carrier is the best choice for your pet as your traveling companion. It offers durability and convenience with its ventilated top, sides and back. It has two doors for your pet to enter – one on the top and one on the side. This carrier is made of durable plastic, while the front door is made of steel wire. It weighs around 4.5 pounds and comes in different sizes.

Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack

The Natuvalle 6-in-1 pet carrier is a multi-use accessory – it can be worn as a backpack, front pack, shoulder bag, two-position carrier, car seat crate or handbag. This airline-approved carrier has a flexible frame that helps it maintain its shape regardless of how you use it. Moreover, its mesh material ensures maximum ventilation for your pet. It is available in two different sizes.

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