Best Places to see Wild Horses across the globe

My earliest memories of horses go back to the daily horse rides I used to enjoy as a child, at the beach near my house. I eventually gave it up when my mother fell off one, during a vacation. I guess the fear of being kicked and falling off, impacted me to such an extent, that I don’t even go near them now.

However, horses can be very majestic and the most lovable animals. Loyal, friendly – once you get to know them and extremely gentle, it is delightful to see them in the wild. In their natural element, horses are not timid but bold and free animals.

If you want to catch them in the wild, and not in a ranch or the races – be sure to check these curated spots.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Of the many reasons to visit the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, let wild horse viewing be one of them. Helping you reconnect with nature are bison, elks, mule deer, coyotes and bobcats, amongst the others.

At the park, you will come across Feral horses at the South Unit and they are descended from domestic stock. In that sense, you can imagine the horses as a cultural resource that the park is maintaining for us. They are best viewed from afar, and not matter how tempting it gets to stroke their mane, stay away!

Salt River, Arizona

Although they seem to be the descendants of escaped or abandoned farm animals, the horses roaming the plains of North Dakota or the islands off the Carolinas, are truly magnificent. For many of the inhabitants of the area, the wild horses are a menace.

However, the rest of the brigade believe that they have helped with the improvement of the ecosystem. You can opt to hike or tub through the Salt River Canyon, which is part of Tonto National Forest, to get a glimpse of the horses.

The Camargue, France

If you want to see herds of alabaster horses running free through the fields, then The Camargue is where you should be heading. The region is also known as the Wild West of France and is surrounded by pastoral south of France.

The area is also a UNESCO site and is home to some of the most beautiful horses. The snowy stallions at the Regional Nature Park can keep you captivated for hours on end. I guess, since our perception of horses being domesticated animals, it’s exhilarating to see them run wild. Book yourself a safari tour to view the Camargue horses, flamingos and bulls, amongst other animals.

Aus, Namibia

If you book yourself on a 7-day tour of southern Namibia’s most popular tourist destination, then the game drive in the Kalahari Desert includes seeing the wild horses of Aus. Apart from this, the drive includes exploring the Sossusvlei sand dunes, sightseeing at Fish River Canyon and Sesriem Canyon.

The Namib Desert Horse is a rare feral animal that looks at home in the wild. It is not very clear how the wild horses got to Aus, Namibia, but one of the popular theories suggest that they are the direct descendants of German army horses.