BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster: the future of electric BMW motorcycles is looking good

German automaker BMW recently unveiled the Motorrad Vision DC Roadster. It’s a glimpse of what to expect from electric BMW motorcycles.

The BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster was presented alongside the Vision M Next hybrid sports car in Munich.

From the looks of it, it seems the future of BMW’s Motorrad division is forging the right path.

The Vision DC Roadster maintains the iconic style of BMW’s boxer engine

There’s no doubt the Vision DC Roadster is instantly recognizable as a proper BMW motorcycle. It even retains the appearance of a conventional boxer while still having an electrified powertrain underneath.

In our opinion, this is the best way to go in pursuing an electrified future. “The Vision Bike shows how we’re able to retain the identity and iconic appearance of BMW Motorrad in distinctive form while at the same time presenting an exciting new type of riding pleasure,” explains Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad.

But there’s no two-cylinder boxer engine in the Vision DC Roadster

Instead, the BMW Vision DC Roadster is equipped with an electric motor and battery pack. BMW has yet to divulge the final specs in terms of power and battery capacity, but we reckon it’s going to have plenty of pull and a longer range.

The electric motor is in the shape of a cylinder and is directly connected to the universal shaft underneath the battery pack. The battery is longitudinally oriented and vertically fitted to maximize space.

Similar to an automobile, the centerpiece of a motorbike is the engine. With the clever design packaging in the BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster, you still get the big-motor look despite the hi-tech electrified powertrain.

It looks like it came from another galaxy

Well, it has to look crazy since the BMW Vision Roadster is in concept form. It’s painted in the traditional BMW colors but the styling is simply out of this world. The bike has a low front section and a higher rear. While the sporty stance is to die for, this set-up may prove uncomfortable over long drives.

But who cares? This is a concept bike we’re talking about here, so it has every right to shatter conventional expectations.

Keen-eyed readers will probably notice the absence of a fuel tank, which was replaced by a flat tubular structure integrating the finely sculpted seat.

The battery is shoehorned in the center of the aluminum frame. It has a 3D surface finish with protruding cooling fins. After starting the electric motor, the cooling elements will open and move out slightly. This not only means the bike is ready to go, but it allows cooling air to circulate inside the battery pack.

The devil is in the details

Like all concept cars, it’s the clever details that matter. In this regard, the BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster is not short on delicious tidbits. The Duolever fork and exposed universal shaft establish the sporting appeal of the bike. The minimalistic LED front and rear lights make the Vision DC Roadster instantly recognizable as a BMW.

The tires are made by Metzeler and were created specifically for the Vision DC Roadster. The flanks on the tires have postage stamp-sized fluorescent lighting elements that create a graphic effect when the bike is stopped or in motion.

New bike = new gear

But the cherry on the icing in the new smart rider equipment for the Vision DC Roadster. Unlike conventional riding gear, BMW came up with something that doesn’t look like protective clothing. The protective elements are invisibly sewn under the light jacket and black pants. BMW also created a functional rucksack vest that attaches to the jacket via permanent magnets.

Even though the BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster is just a concept, it certainly looks ready for production. It shows that style and substance can coexist in harmony towards a clean and electrified future.